12 weeks

23rd October

12 week scan done and baby peanut is as healthy as can be! Our risks of baby being downs are now only 1 in 12,000 and all the legs and arms and bits and pieces are in the right spot. What more can you ask for!

perfect little baby head

I’m still feeling pretty average at night time. Interestingly I’ve had no morning sickness. I wake up fresh as a daisy but come 6pm my body starts to feel as if I’d spent the day at the races drinking really bad champagne and eating hot dogs. I’m still waiting for that magic 12 week switch to flick. I’m starting to think that its a myth that other mothers made up to get us newbies through. Dangle a carrot of hope in front of us to make us believe that joy and glow is just around the corner. They better not be lying. Bastards.

xx A

1 thought on “12 weeks

  1. So what’s the big deal anyway? I get more rude comments and looks from women who are older and married, then I do from people at my church. Yes my babies fiance is in jail, and I’m pregnant! However does that really make my pregnancy insignificant compared to the next married woman’s. Not in my opinion. But some women seem to think so, what is so discouraging is that these women are instilling these warped views in their kids. I am sad to think about what kind of future my kids will have to endure. Shaking my damn head. Rant over

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