making it real

Wednesday 5th September

Still no morning sickness thank god. The tiredness has well and truly kicked in and I feel like I could spend all day in bed. Exhausting stuff this building a baby business!

Im dying to tell H & B. The whole world really. D arrives Friday so once I tell him, I can share the news. Its been very hard to hide the changes I’ve had to make. Subtle things that I can tell they are noticing but are not quite sure why. Awkward stuff this secret squirrel stuff.

Another dear friend is now also coming along for the ride. A long time coming for a beautiful couple and I am so incredibly happy for them. I felt guilty about my accidental baby when others are trying so hard for their planned ones. But now, 3 of us on this journey together. Couldn’t have scripted it better!

I still freak out every other second about how we are going to do this but there is now also a glimmer of excitement creeping in. I see babies absolutely everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE! The thought that a little person is coming into this world and is just ours is absolutely mind blowing!

xx A

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