perfect timing…

Sunday 26th August

Found out today that the BF is up the duff too! How amazing to have my beautiful girlfriend to share this journey with. She’s been here before so is full of wisdom that I know I will crave and a shoulder that I fear I will need.

Ran the City to Surf today. Well, walked it really. Had all of these grand plans to run and have been getting prepared for the past few months. That totally irrational part of my brain kept panicking though.. Dont run!! Baby might fall out!!

It was hard to not tell H & B as soon as I saw them. I was coming up with a whole range of creative excuses as to why I had suddenly lost the urge to run after months of talking myself up. Awkward. All that I could think for the whole 12kms was “fuck me, next time I do this, I’ll have a pram…”

xx A

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