the unwed

It’s 2012.

Hence, my surprise at the number of people who have (some without being aware they are doing it) turned up their noses and informed me of their views about the fact N and I are going into this whole parenthood thing without being married.

It’s no surprise that N and I are in love and ready for a family. After knowing each other for almost 17 years and being together for 3, we are in no doubt about our future together and our love for each other. We have a mortgage, a plan for our lives and now, a baby on the way. The lack of a ring on my finger means nothing to him or I. Yes a massive diamond would be just delightful but to be honest, I need a new bathroom.

I have on numerous occasions been offended by suggestions that now we are pregnant, we should quickly duck off down to the ole reg office and make it official. Bugger that. I have no issue with my little boy being a ring bearer at our wedding if and when we choose to walk that aisle. The fact that others feel its necessary for us to somehow validate our love further by having a ring on my finger is naive and a little narrow minded.

Rant over.

xx A

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