brain be gone

I used to think that baby brain was a myth. A wonderful excuse that women got to utilize once they were up the duff.

I had no issue with the use of the excuse at all, but I can’t say I was totally sold on the validity of the concept as a whole.

Then I got pregnant.

Goodbye common sense. Goodbye intellect. Goodbye to the simple pleasure of remembering what I did 5 minutes ago, let alone last week.

The cynic in me has been proven wrong. I take it all back. Baby brain is well and truly alive and has invaded my once functional brain like a thick fluffy cloud.

In some way, I think my baby brain kicked in for me almost immediately once I found out I was pregnant.

Goodbye logical thinking and educated thought processes. Hello irrational fears and total nonsense fretting about whether running the city to surf or doing anything strenuous would actually make my baby fall out.  Pretty sure I crossed my legs for the entire first 3 weeks just in case.

Now 18 weeks in, the logic has started to come back. I’ve uncrossed my legs and even done some power walking (whilst clenching that pelvic floor mind you). Ever present however, is my inability to go about my day without struggling the most simple of things such as how to speak and how to find my shoes.

The other day, it took me about 40 minutes to leave the house. Not to get ready. I was dressed and set to go. But getting out of the house with my phone, keys, bottle of water and dignity all in one go was simply too much to ask.

After searching for a good 15 minutes, I found my water bottle in the laundry and my keys in the bathroom drawer (of course I left them there!?!). Fast forward another 15 minutes or so for a range of other painfully simple tasks I couldn’t get my head around, and I was off. I made it a few streets into my trip..…Did I lock the door? Bugger, I don’t remember locking the door. Better go home and check. So I drive back home. Of course I locked the door. I always lock the door… ugh.

I finally got back on the road, exhausted and confused. What has happened to me? Where did this fogginess come from?

I’m traditionally a pretty efficient, overly organized person. Give me a task and its usually done in a jiffy and I’m onto the next thing. The onset of baby brain has made the simple task of getting out of the house seem like a massive win.

There are varying reports about the legitimacy of baby brain in pregnant women and new mothers. Some studies link the symptoms to a change in hormone levels during pregnancy whilst others state there is no proof whatsoever in any change in the body causing such side effects.

To the writers of the latter, I know you think you’re right. I thought I was right when I believed it to be a myth.

But trust me. And my fog filled brain. Baby Brain is real. Very real. Unlike my fears of my baby falling out.

Now, where are my shoes…..?

Xx A

6 thoughts on “brain be gone

  1. I’m looking forward to when your belly looks like you’ve stuffed a basketball up there and random people at the shops feel the need to come up to you and touch it 😉 well written Abs.

    • hahaha… some people still feel that need even though my belly is not that big yet! Apparently pregnancy is an invitation to be inappropriately felt up by total strangers!

  2. I was so sick at the start of my pregnancy that it took me until about 25 weeks to feel like I was my normal self. Wait until the baby is born though…then you really won’t be able to remember what you did last week!

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