oh hi 2013, lets do this!

Well its official. I took too long off. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but now as I get back into the first day back at work and the first day back at my blog, I’ve realized that I really truly did switch off for the last 2 weeks. My brain is yet to get the memo that today is the day it’s supposed to kick back into gear.

So, to kick things off for 2013, I thought a recap of the last few weeks was probably in order. It was an amazing break with some massive highs and very few lows, hopefully an indication of what is in store for the coming year.

In big news, my “unwed” post from a couple of months back is probably now a little irrelevant. The boy popped the question on Christmas Day. It was beautiful and personal and us in every way. The gentleman in him had asked my mum and dads permission and the whole nine yards. The fact that I am now wearing our bathroom reno on my finger makes me nervous as hell but hey, its sparkly and I LOVE it (and the bathroom reno still got the go ahead!).

Mamas Xmas Table Extravaganza

Mamas Xmas Table Extravaganza

Christmas and Boxing Day was just gorgeous. Mum outdid herself yet again with hosting the soirees for 2 days and in typical form, overindulgence was the name of the game. The little dude growing inside me had a massive presence throughout Christmas and clearly Santa got the memo about his impending arrival. So many beautiful gifts for the little guy before he even arrives. It made it very real to think that next Christmas, he will be under the tree, no doubt crawling his way into mischief.

New Years was a total disaster in comparison. A severe bout of gastro put me on my knees for 48 hours and to be honest, I was petrified. I’ve honestly never been so ill in my life and all I could think of was my little guy and making sure he was ok throughout the ordeal.

Thankfully the Locum Dr Service came to my rescue and sorted me out with some safe “up the duff” drugs to allow me to get rehydrated and start on the road to recovery. On a positive, it did give me an excuse to load up on some much-needed carbs and calories in the days following!

our southwest retreat

our southwest retreat

The first week of January was the perfect time for my new fiancé and I (still sounds weird!) to head off on a little baby moon down to the gorgeous Southwest. The last opportunity for some real quality us time before our little man joins the world.

It. Was. Amazing.

Just what the doctor ordered, we slept in, strolled around small towns, ate too much food and generally enjoyed each other for days. The accommodation we stayed at was just divine and allowed us to forget about the rest of the world and just be. We came back refreshed and relaxed and I truly think it was the best way to start what is going to be a pretty intense year.

Now back home and its straight back to the crazy grind that seems to be our lives. A kitchen renovation 3 quarters done, a bathroom reno about to commence, a nursery to plan and the endless to-do list that seems to be our world at the moment. It’s an exciting time but I have to admit that the list on my fridge of things to buy and do does inflict a mild sense of panic each time I see it.

But 2013 – bring it on! As a friend said a few weeks ago, “a lot can happen in a year”. It certainly did in 2012 and I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be even bigger.

My new years resolution? To not make one for starters. 2013 will be about family, and no doubt a lot of readjusting. I plan on making this year about us. About our growing family, our new adventure, the tears and laughs along the way.

Hopefully you stick around to share it all with me.

So, Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2013 be everything you dream for.

xx A

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