welcome back denim

A few of you may remember a post of mine from a month or so back entitled ‘a sad day for denim’ https://thetruthbehindtheglow.com/2012/11/15/a-sad-day-for-denim/. It was a tragic day. A bleak day in my pregnancy journey. A clear winner if we were playing a game of highs and lows.

But today, I would like to declare, that with great thanks to an inventive little contraption, denim is once again a part of my life. Welcome back denim. I’ve missed you and I’m sorry I discounted you for as long as I did.

Let me introduce you to the Belly Belt…. photo

I’ll admit, it’s not the most attractive piece of fashion I’ve ever encountered, but it has done something fabulous to my life. It’s given me my jeans back. Not even my “I’ll squeeze into them” pairs. I’m talking my go to, fabulous butt giving, would wear them every day if I could pair.

I remember seeing these little belts back in my past life as a Bras and Things sales assistant. Part of me pitied those poor women whose pants didn’t quite do up and I remember smugly thinking to myself “not me. I’d never wear that”.

Well, let me tell you – anything that allows me clothing options apart from leggings at this point in my life is a welcome gift and Belly Belt, you are my saviour  It’s a very simple concept really (insert jealously that I didn’t think of it first!). It adds a couple of centimetres or inches to your waist band and buttons, depending on how big that belly is getting. Add on a long top to cover up the obvious fabric flap and waa-lah, denim returns to my life.


I wont be winning any awards for sex appeal when my long top is removed but hey, the man in my life has seen me in much worse states and I’m pretty sure my good butt providing jeans are a welcome sight for him as well as me. After all, leggings don’t win you any sex appeal awards either.

So today, denim and I continue our love affair. I don’t care that it’s a hot Australian Summer outside. I’ll just up that air-conditioner and sit here in comfort knowing that my jeans and I are back on talking terms.

Welcome back old friend, welcome back.

xx A

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