we don’t do things by halves

I’ve always known I was a bit nuts. A bit too much of a “do-er” than is healthy for any human. But I may have reached a new level of crazy. Or productive. Depends on who you talk to.

Needless to say, it’s been a big few months. Well, a big 18 months really. A lot has happened and a lot has changed. Luckily for us, it’s all positive change and things that we are excited about. But its days like today where I think to myself.


Have a LOT on!


So here’s my list. A snapshot of my crazy life at the moment. Maybe I’m writing it as a preemptive apology for perhaps missing a few blog posts over the coming weeks. Maybe I’m writing it to calm myself down. Maybe it’s to justify that feeling in my guts that tells me I might need to think about slowing down.

Here goes…

  1. Project bathroom AND driveway renovation (oh, and finishing the kitchen tiling, finishing the painting, fixing the ceilings… etc etc) – mental note; planning a big two pronged reno job which requires us to do the demo work and then for us to move out, is possibly not the nest thing to do whilst 6 months pregnant. Big DIY renovation projects are hard and very time consuming. In the planning AND the executing. I’d love to say that we were able to pass our project onto a builder but alas, we are on more of a “get your hands dirty” budget as opposed to a “oh that tradesman is lovely” budget, so we are doing 90% of the work ourselves. Thank god for the help of our families. Our 3-5 year plan has become a 2 year plan and the house is coming along well. I am just VERY MUCH looking forward to this major component of it being complete.
  2. Moving outI love my parents’ house. I love that we get to stay here whilst the work is completed at our place. But there is nothing fun about living out of a suitcase. Especially when you are so forgetful that you only moved here 48 hours ago and you have already needed 4 trips back home to collect things you forgot!
  3. Gigs Galore – never one to do things by halves, I have made sure that this reno and moving out clashes with the start of one of our busiest work months of the year. 11 gigs in February. Luckily I love my job and being at work is the most sane I feel all day. Of course I’ve also booked early morning meetings almost every day whilst living an extra 20 minutes away from the city. Super clever.
  4. Getting work in orderbeing the super organized and slightly neurotic operator that I am, I’m currently working on about 10 different lists and documents to make sure that if this baby comes early, my team are prepared. Putting all those things down on paper that normally just float around in my head is a challenge! There’s a LOT floating around up there!
  5. Getting other shit in orderIts also getting to that scary part of the pregnancy when you start to realize you are going to have a baby at the end of it. That hasn’t really come into play until this last few weeks. So now, the race is on to fill out hospital paperwork, sort out leave from work, buy things. Maybe find somewhere for the baby to sleep. All that stuff – the list is pretty long.
  6. Speaking of somewhere to sleep The nursery – ah, that little chestnut. That’s the next renovation project on the list. I hope N’s not planning on any weekends of fun between now and April. This one needs to slot in there somewhere too.
  7. Celebrations what else would one want to do whilst living out of a suitcase and visiting a building site to collect belongings each day than plan a party! Clever me strikes again and thinks this is the perfect time to celebrate our recent engagement. Just a casual 70 people or so. This Saturday. Totally unprepared. Amazing. Now if only I could find a dress that’s not covered in building dust?
  8. More Celebrations There’s a baby shower. Some time in March. I’m just rocking up. Sorry Bails. Over to you.
  9. Maintaining friendshipsI’m very lucky that I have the best friends a girl could ask for. The constant “Sorry, I’m busy” responses flying their way lately must get tiresome but they never let on. I do my best to check in and am grateful that no matter how dusty I am and how neurotic I sound, they are always there for a chat and a giggle.
  10. Oh hi babe – between all of the things were are trying to fit in at the moment, N also has a real job, another business he runs and is getting his hands dirty on all of the renovation jobs. As an added bonus he gets to put up with me! He’s a lucky boy. Sometimes we are so tired that a grunt and a cuddle is enough to say “I love you” and “how was your day” all in one go. He is incredibly patient and hardworking. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget those closest to you when life gets in the way. I’m trying as much as I can to remind him how much I appreciate him through all of this craziness. Even if it is in the form of some sort of grunt.

There are many more things I could add to this list. Each one of the things above includes about 20 minor dot points of things running around in my head like crazy little headless chooks.

It has been, and will continue to be, a crazy time. Luckily, we have the support and help of both of our families, without whom, we would be lost.

So apologies if I miss the odd blog post over the coming weeks. It’s not for lack of caring or lack of something to say (I tend to always have at least SOMETHING to say!). It’s just that to be honest, I’ve got shit on.

I was just saying the other day how nice it will be when things are all organized and I can sit back and enjoy our renovated home and our organized life. Then I remembered, I’m making a baby. Something tells me this list has got NOTHING on what the next 12 months will bring.

xx A


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