we’re ready!

I truly believe that sometimes life has a way of just coming together. A way of falling into place and making you feel that everything will work out just right. Its a clever thing life….

The last 8 months have been a blur of long to-do-lists, panicked thoughts, frantic planning and sleepless nights. Mostly due to my OCD kicking into high gear but also due to, the I’m sure standard issue, hormonal craziness that comes with finding out you’re making a human being.

Its scary knowing that a little person is going to come into your life and for me, a way of calming my mind is making sure that everything is as ready as possible for our little man. For those around me, it may have seemed like I was loosing my mind. A constant sense of urgency to get things done and working bees happening in our home at every spare moment. But its been worth it.

For today, I feel ready. Actually, we ARE ready.

Not only does our little guy now have his very own space in our home, we have a home which is almost complete and seriously, enough clothes and wraps to last him until his about 18. The car seat is here and his pram is assembled (not that I’ve figured out how to fold it down yet??!?). There are baby bottles in the kitchen and teeny tiny towels in the laundry. Theres a bottle of baby powder in the bathroom and baby wash in the drawer. He’s so close you can smell him (like literally – why does it smell like baby powder already? Its still sealed! – weird).

I know these are all material things and N keeps on reminding me that our little dude will have no idea that all of this has been done for him. And I know he is right. But in a weird way, all of this planning and prep, it isn’t really about our boy. Its about me. Its a way of calming myself and making sure that when he does arrive, everything is as it should be. A way of making sure the crazy OCD part of me can relax in the knowledge that everything is in its place.

There will be so much more to deal with (ie: tiny person!) that knowing we are ready in every other way, makes it all feel so much more do-able.

So today, we are ready and it feels lovely.

Here’s a sneak peak at the little guys room…..

xx A

photo 43

photo 12

photo 4

love these custom prints

my favourite words from Dr. Suess

wise man that Dr Suess…

some of my old bears and some new ones too

photo 33

all of these belonged to his daddy…

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