dearest career….

To my darling career,

Today is the day that we have both been dreading. From here on out, we need to start spending some time apart. It’s a hard day for us both, but one that we knew was coming. We’ve had some time to prepare and as hard as it feels right now, you and I know that it’s for the best.

We’ve had some amazing times career. You’ve taken me around the world and allowed me to see things I never thought possible. Because of you, I’ve met some of the most amazing people and learnt things that no school book can teach.

It’s you that I’ve relied on and for the most part, you’ve been my maker. I have spent so many years immersed in you that sometimes I forgot about the rest of the world. We’ve had ups and downs and tears and laughter. Most of all, you have defined me. You’ve told the world who I am and through you, I’ve made a mark on my little part of the world.

I dressed up for you today. Put on a dress and heels (well, wedges, but let’s be serious – I’m about 10 months pregnant!). Maybe it was because I wanted to feel like I belonged in you one more time. Maybe it’s because I may not be able to leave the house without smelling like breast milk for the next few months. Either way, it was nice. I think you deserved one more day with my glad rags on.

CAREERPlease don’t desert me career. I only have to put you away for a little while. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I need to go away and be something else for a while. You and I will always have a special place to call our own and I promise I’ll think of you often.

My hopes my darling career is that in a few months time, my new job and you can work together in harmony. It may take some time for us all to figure each other out again but I know we can do it. There will be sacrifices and things will certainly be different but I promise I will come back to you – I hope you’ll take me.

So today, my dearest career, I put you in a box for safe keeping. I’m not sure what my definition is now that you are not it. I guess the coming weeks will teach me that.

I’ll see you soon.

Lovingly yours…

Xxx  A

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