the truth behind me

Thanks for finding me!

So, who am I?

I’m a 30-year-old girl working her way through the joys and tribulations of impending motherhood…

Our baby was a little bit of a surprise, but we are so glad he is choosing us to be his parents. N and I have known each other forever and been together for since 2009 – very much in love and very excited to be building a family together.

This is my story. It’s not all rainbows and glowing and pregnancy bliss and joy. But it is real. Warts and all.

I know my experience will not necessarily be like yours. Pregnancy and motherhood is such a personal and unique experience that my views will no doubt be different to many. For me though, when I found out I was pregnant, there was so many people telling me how I should feel, what I should feel and how I should act in the coming months.

None of it fit me. None of it was truly how I felt or what I wanted to hear.

This is me. This is my journey. This is the truth behind my “glow”.

xx A

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