dear lactation consultant…

One of the most common questions I was asked throughout my pregnancy was “are you going to breastfeed?”. My response remained the same throughout – I’ll do my best.

I wasn’t born yesterday, I am fully aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, especially in those first crucial few days. I am also fully aware of the issues that many of my girlfriends have had on their journeys through motherhood and that breastfeeding is not always as easy as hoped.

I knew that I definitely wanted to try to breastfeed for at least the first couple of months. I was prepared for the late nights feeding my son when my boob was his only option. I was prepared and excited about the bonding that comes with feeding. I was prepared for the benefits of a massive cleavage and the inevitable weight loss that goes along with exclusive breastfeeding.

I was not prepared for the issues that I encountered.

I was less prepared for the emotional turmoil that comes along with feeling like I failed my son.

I was totally unprepared for the abuse I received when after just 6 days, I had to start giving my son formula.

The long and short of my story is that due to a tongue tie that my son was born with and an inability to latch on correctly, my nipples were so badly damaged in the initial few days that my body went into shut down, my milk dried up and formula became a staple in our home. That makes it sound so simple and matter of fact.

It wasn’t. It was traumatic, both physically and mentally. The physical part I could handle. The emotional impact was tougher. Breastfeeding was impacting my ability to bond with my son and nothing is worth that.

Thankfully N saw what was happening and held my hand through the tears as I realized that my boobs were betraying my baby and I. We have an amazing Child Health Nurse who also recognized that the best thing for Archer and I was finding an alternative.

So my family, partner and direct career all agree that breastfeeding, although a fabulous option for most new mums and bubs, was not working for my son and I.

this is what i neededWhy is it then that certain lactation consultants within the community have found it suitable and necessary to inform me of the error of my ways? Telling me that “breast really is best”, “you should push through” “just hold your baby differently” “here, let me show you”.


It’s not working for us. My baby isn’t happy! I’m not happy! You are not in my home at half past three in the morning to see our struggle. Don’t tell me what is best for my son when you don’t know either of us.

The lack of support and self-righteousness of these women has been something I was totally unprepared for. I’ve had phone calls from a lactation consultant telling me that she knows better than our pediatrician how to treat my sons tongue-tie – stopping short of telling me I was a bad mother for listening to the doctors. I’ve had another practically wrestle my poor son by the neck to try to get him to latch on differently. I could go on for hours about the ways in which I have been insulted and offended by this certain breed of lactation ladies who lack empathy, manners and decency.

this is what i gotI know that not all lactation consultants are the same. There are some who are warm, kind and supportive – regardless of whether you breastfeed or not. Unfortunately, the ones like those I encountered, damage the industry as a whole and leave a bad taste in the mouths of new mums that take a long time to fade.

Speaking with other women about their breastfeeding journeys, I find that my story is not unique. Many have had encounters with lactation consultants that have left them traumatized, teary and questioning their decisions and ability as a new mum. How is this helpful?  An occupation which is designed to encourage breastfeeding and provide support to women at an emotionally and physically fragile time is doing the opposite – instilling negative emotions, fear and feelings of failure.

So to the lactation consultant community – I beg you…. Calm the fuck down. Stop for a moment and listen to your patients. Open your eyes to each individual mothers situation and help to guide her to a solution for her and her baby. I know it will pain you to hear it but breast is NOT always best.

Some of us are betrayed by our boobies. It doesn’t make us failures. It doesn’t make us bad mums. Please don’t make us feel like it does.

Xx A

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what’s more inappropriate?




or this?


The first one is an image I am bombarded with every time I venture outdoors. Women, not just girls, with their arses hanging out all over the place in teeny, tiny, short shorts which it looks like they stole from their nieces dollhouse. Apparently its fashion. Apparently a lot of people dont have mirrors anymore.

The second, is a mother breastfeeding her baby. A perfectly natural and beautiful part of raising a child.

Disappointingly, todays news headlines in Australia once again speak of a woman being asked to leave a public space due to the fact that she was breastfeeding. On one of the hottest summer days we have experienced, this mother had taken her children to the local swimming pool. When her 11 month old required feeding, she did what most mothers would do. She fed her. Shock horror! Staff at the pool promptly advised her that she was required to “refrain from feeding out in the open” and was asked to either leave or go to the change rooms where no-one could see her.

Are you kidding me? This is a POOL. A public space where there were no doubt men prancing around in grossly misfitting speedos and woman in bikinis which only Miranda Kerr should be allowed to wear, yet this woman feeding her baby is what is causing offense?

Why is it that some people within society are so grossly offended by a breastfeeding mother? Now, I’ve never been a breastfeeder before. I will get to know the “joys” (or challenges!) of breastfeeding in a couple of months when my son arrives, but I can tell you, if anyone takes it upon themselves to ask me to “refrain” from feeding my son in public, I will find it hard to “refrain” from punching them in the face.

I understand that as with anything, a certain amount of common sense is required. I have no plans to flop the ole tit out in front of a bunch of school kids and let my son have a nice big free for all. There should be decorum and general decency in how you breastfeed your baby and how much you cover up. But at the end of the day, its a mothers choice.

Unfortunately a lot of the comments I have seen today regarding this story, reek of chauvinism and ignorance and a general belief that a mother breastfeeding her baby is a perverted site. Get real people. You want to know what is more perverted – having to see what the girl walking in front of me ate for breakfast because her shorts are so freaking short!

This story touched a nerve with me today. Maybe its fear that I will one day have to deal with what was no doubt an awful situation for the mother in this story. Maybe its fear that our society can be so backwards that this has once again made the news. Maybe I’m just sick of seeing inappropriate short shorts. Who knows. But to all you breastfeeding mamas out there – get your tits out girls. Screw those who are offended by something so perfectly natural. You feed your baby when and how you want to.

xx A

the news story can be found here

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