a day of firsts and lasts….

I’m feeling quite nostalgic today. It’s the last day of the working year. It’s the start of the Christmas break. It’s a start of a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts.

1409165_39019246 (1)It’s the last….. Christmas I’ll have without a son. Although I have to admit, I’ve been pretty keen to buy the little guy Christmas gifts from Santa this year even though he’s not yet here to open them. Thinking about how different next Christmas will be brings a smile to my face. Its bizarre but lovely to think that this time next year, a little crawling baby will be part of our Christmas story and knowing our families, he will be spoilt and treasured beyond belief.

It’s the first….. Christmas I’ll be spending without a wine in hand. The previous post goes into my loathing of that whole scenario so there’s no need to reopen wounds.

It’s my last…… day in the office. Of course I am back in January but my position will certainly continue to adapt and my growing bump will start to get in the way of my doing everything I’ve been able to do this year.

It’s the first…… time the fella and I have had the entire Christmas break together. Work commitments for both of us have been handballed this year so neither of us are working again until January 7. I even get to kiss him at midnight on NYE (if I can stay awake!). We have never been able to spend New Years Eve together so the prospect of him being the person I bring in 2013 with makes me happy to say the least.

It’s the last….. working day of what is likely to be my last full time working year for a while. Coming back to work is a definite priority for me as soon as I can but the capacity in which I do so will no doubt be different. The Monday to Friday routine of the last 13 years or so is going to change in 2013 as I navigate my way through being a mum and keeping my career. Happy Christmas Santa

It’s the first…… time I have gone into the Christmas break feeling like I really am about to embark on an actual break. Real time out. In previous years there have always been things lurking in the periphery, which create a small amount of stress and distraction to the true value of the Christmas holidays. This year, none of that is present. I’m embracing this break, leaving the stress behind and looking forward to focusing one hundred percent on family and relaxation.

And, It’s the last…. day of the world according the Mayans. The fact that people believe this crap makes me giggle.

Xx A

the tradition of tradition

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about tradition. The traditions that we already have within our families and traditions that we want to pass on to our little guy.

Im a bit of a sop when it comes to tradition. Things in life can change so much and so often that having simple little consistent things with the ones you love, is warming to the heart.

In my childhood home, our traditions are not that traditional. We’ve never been that cookie cutter family to be honest. Silly things like chanting “Rip It Up” during gift opening, followed of course by a very passionate game of Steal a Santa (email me if you want those juicy details!), the obligatory booze up with left overs by the pool on Boxing Day and Dad and I making a punch (that no doubt leads to huge hangovers) are things that are traditional ours.

They’re not perfect, they’re not always everyones cup of tea but we love them and it makes our Christmas, well, our Christmas.

For our little family of 3, I want those traditions to continue. They are the basis of so many good memories for me and I hope they live on for years to come. But I’m also keen to create new family traditions. Things that our little dude will speak fondly of when he’s old and wise like me (insert chuckle here).

Will we be the family that gathers at the tree on Christmas Eve to sneak one little pressie? Will we be the family that buys that super special ornament for the tree each year? Or the family that heads to the Christmas Carols religiously, picnic blanket in tow.

Probably not.

I’d say our traditions will be more along the lines of those nutty ones I experienced growing up. Not quite proper. Not quite Martha Stewart. Not quite everyones cup of tea. But perfect.

I see laughter, fun, food and friends. I see my little dude being surrounded by people that shower him not in gifts, but love. Its always been that way in our families.

And that, might be the best tradition of all.

xx A