up close and personal

We were given a wonderful gift from friends recently –  a session at The Ultrasound Nursery. So tonight, off we went to see our little dude in a fabulous up close and personal 3D/4D scan.

To start with little Mr Peanut was not at all cooperative. After a few attempts of coercing him to get into a good position, Doc suggested a walk around the block to get him wriggling. Luckily, that, along with a stern word through my belly to the little guy, seemed to do the trick and when we returned, he was camera ready.

It’s pretty amazing that we were able to see him in such detail. Talk about making the whole thing feel real. So, this post is my first ever total parental bragging moment. A totally selfish display of how cute I think my little dude is.

A few things that we learnt from todays scan:

  • He is extremely flexible! At the start of the scan, his foot was on his head. What the?
  • He loves a good ole chomp on his own umbilical chord. Kinda gross but hey – slim pickings down there for things to chew on.
  • He has a rats tail. A good sign for that long rock god hair we hope he has one day.
  • He has the perfect feet for a pair of soccer boots. Pretty sure dads having a pair measured up as we speak.
  • He is definitely a boy. We have a graphic pic for his 21st birthday to prove it.
  • He pretty much has the cutest nose in the world. Even the Dr thinks so. And he wouldn’t lie to me.


Love him.

xx A

have we made the hulk?

Today was a good day.

We had our 20 week scan and much to our delight, the little dude is as healthy as can be. All his bits are in the right place and he’s definitely still a boy. Its amazing that you get to see so much detail before the little person is even ready to come out. Every little bone and organ is visible and its a pretty surreal experience to see it all so intimately.

20 weeks

hey little fella

It still feels so bizarre to look at a screen and see the formations of a teeny tiny person who is hidden in my belly somewhere. But there here is, all fingers and toes and heart and lungs in the right position and working a treat.

I went into this scan with a LOT of nerves. Its one thing I wasn’t expecting from this journey. The amount of panic and nervous energy that fills my being in the days prior to a doctors appointment or scan. Every single time I’ve seen that reminder in my diary, I start to think about all the “what ifs”… Have I done everything right? Have I protected myself and my baby against all the things that can harm him? Has my body built him correctly?

There is so much that can go wrong and todays scan was a very important one which would hopefully tell us that we are one of the lucky ones. That our little bundle is built just right. And he is.

Watching him wriggle around on screen I so wish I was able to feel those movements. Maybe then it would feel more real? My placenta is in a position which means I am yet to feel any movements and probably wont for a while yet. Nothing to be worried about according to the doctors but I cant help but feel a little bit jipped missing out on feeling the first kicks of my little guy.

hey big foot

hey big foot

In other scan related news, apparently peanut is not so little. According to the measurements, the doc thinks says he is measuring closer to 21 and a bit weeks as opposed to 19 and a half weeks as we first thought. Thankfully, this is most likely due to my dates being wrong rather than me creating the Hulk baby.

With all of the hormonal issues I was having pre baby and there not being any clear indication of when my last known period should have been, the date we were given initially was always a little bit of a stab in the dark. Seems that we may now be having a late April baby and not a May baby as planned. Either that or he is still due on May 1st and my vagina will never be the same again.

Needless to say, we will be on standby from mid April just in case.

So, todays blog is a positive one. A happy one from a pretty stoked preggas chick that everything is going as smooth as we can hope for. No bitterness or craziness to report today. Just relief, and a bit of a brag about my perfect little dude.

xx A